Turbine plan sent back

turbine plans
turbine plans

West Lindsey District Council has said it won’t determine resubmitted plans for a wind turbine on land north of Kingerby Wood.

Applicant Brant Clayton of the Lincoln-based Happy Days Farming Company wants to build the turbine on a 0.6ha site, which is open farmland currently used for crops.

The single wind turbine would be a maximum hub height of 35m and height to tip of blade of 51m. There would also be associated infrastructure.

However, WLDC said it will send back the application which it says is ‘deemed withdrawn.’

Chief operating officer Mark Sturgess told Happy Days their similar application is currently under appeal.

“Whilst the reduction of height on the this third application is recognised, the supporting documents do not show this is a genuine attempt to overcome the previous reasons for refusal, and the Authority thinks that the development and the land to which the applications relate are the same or substantially the same,” he said.