“True Independent” who isn’t “bought”

Lincolnshire Independent Chris Darcell EMN-150329-182329001
Lincolnshire Independent Chris Darcell EMN-150329-182329001

Forget about a hung parliament being held to ransom by Scottish Nationalists, Lincolnshire Independents might wield the power.

Fiskerton district councillor Chris Darcell is to stand against Sir Edward Leigh for the Gainsborough parliamentary seat and is one of five Lincolnshire Independent candidates to challenge “the ill-thought out legislation” delivered by “second rate governments.”

“Lincolnshire Independents believe in localism and local democracy and an end to whipped party politics where bullying wins and common sense goes out of the window. We believe in stimulating the local economy, creating youth opportunities, protecting health and the vulnerable and in proper planning. We believe first and foremost an MP’s responsibility is to the electors, not to those financing his party,” he said.

They seek an EU referendum and “much more debate on the direction of health, education, immigration and pensions.”

Chris has criticised West Lindsey’s ‘entrepreneurial’ thrust, saying councils should run as “lean, efficient, not for profit businesses.”

“The district does not have the expertise either at officer or councillor level to play monopoly with council tax payers’ money,” he added.

Chris came from the New Forest and trained in agricultural engineering, also working in farm machinery, including sales, management, and planning. He has had several businesses and has stood market stalls to help pay the mortgage.

Now, the 70-year-old seeks a new challenge, saying “Gordon Brown stole my pension.”

He warns of the National Debt, claiming a 1% rise in interest rates will cost the UK £15bn a year.

“Of course, hospitals, immigration and the Common Market are important but we are not reading the big print on the wall: it is DEBT and DEFENCE. Only a true independent candidate can ask these questions,” he added.