Town Topic: Market Rasen Town Council keeping residents informed

An example of bad parking
An example of bad parking

There has been considerable debate about traffic management in town recently.

Comments about parking, speeding, congestion and more.

The Town Council has been tasked with addressing the problems, and, in conjunction with the County Council Highways department, it will.

However, is it not the motorist who is the prime culprit?

If drivers took more care, and had more thought for others, then we would not have all the problems.

Some of the on-road parking is ridiculous. Serpentine Street, for example. And near the Primary school.

There is a very poignant message on one of the school notices;

‘Every time you park dangerously you put a child’s life at risk.’ How true.

The Mini police are doing a great job, but the responsibility rests with the drivers.

We meet with members of the Fire and Rescue service who tell us that fire hydrants are regularly obstructed by parked cars and at the recent terrible fire at Mattu’s, an appliance that had come from Louth to support the Rasen crew had to back out of Union Street and approach from the other end – because of badly parked cars.

Residents of Dear Street and the Ridings in particular, regularly complain about speeding vehicles.

There is great concern about the speed vehicles travel along Willingham Road near De Aston School.

The roads in Market Rasen have evolved over hundreds of years.

Many are not designed for twenty first century traffic.

But some of that is the charm of an old town and something we have to live with.

If all the drivers took a little more time, and thought a little more about the consequences of their actions, then our roads would be a safer and better place.

Please drive with care.

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