‘Tiger’ on prowl in bigger Caistor council seat

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He’s the councillor recently branded a “tiger” by council leader Jeff Summers for his ability to dig out the facts.

But probing is par for the course for former forensics police officer, Alan Caine.

“It was CSI Mablethorpe, not CSI Miami,” jokes the longserving Independent.

Alan is seeking re-election for the larger Caistor & Yarborough Ward, which has three seats to fill, as well as Caistor Town Council.

The West Lindsey district councillor since 1996 has twice been its chairman and is its member for Health and Community Safety, a post given to him by Coun Summer for his skills. Coun Caine also compiles the Caistor Area Diary and is founder and chairman of the Caistor Goes.. Events Committee, amid his many community activities.

Looking at the new, larger ward, Alan says governments of all colours don’t understand rural areas and they need support to maintain facilities like shops and post offices. He says he will fight to “keep what local services we can,” saying West Lindsey “does well” despite government ‘cuts.’

The WLDC planning committee member has been deeply involved in the roll-out of wi-fi broadband, which he says will help rural communities, by making it easier for people to work from home. Villages also need some new houses and small businesses to stay alive.

“There’s too many hearses and not enough midwives.”

Fighting Alan is Labour’s Oliver Jackson and John Indian. Indian is a former district councillor and Oliver is a former commercial pilot who after redundancy became a commercial lorry driver.

“My main focus is to raise awareness of Labour in the area. Rural areas tend to be conservative but (under PPC David Prescott) Labour in West Lindsey has had a good rejuvenation with nearly three times the candidates as last time,” he said.

Other candidates for the ward are Owen Brierley (Con), Angela Lawrence (Con) and Nigel Wright (UKIP).