“They seek him here, they seek him there”

Coun Ken Bridger
Coun Ken Bridger

Veteran town and district councillor Ken Bridger burst into song at last week’s meeting of Market Rasen Town Council.

“They seek him here, they seek him there,” Coun Bridger warbled.

The issue that brought the singing was the non-appearance of Market Rasen councillor Burt Keimach, to present the County Councillor’s report.

“We have this running situation of the county councillor not present. We should ask him to attend or send a report,” said Coun Carol Skye.

“It woulndn’t be the first time we have asked,” said former mayor Steve Bunney.

“We have a new clerk, maybe she has a way with words,”Coun Skye added.

Town Mayor John Matthews told the Rasen Mail Coun Keimach has made “poisonous” comments in the press about the town council. He is still invited to meetings but in recent years has attended just one.

Coun Keimach, a former Market Rasen town councillor and mayor, confirmed he doesn’t go to town council meetings.

“I think it (town councils) should be abolished. They are absolutely useless. All the services are performed by the district or the county,” he said.