‘The people should decide death penalty’

Andrew Percy pictured at Scunthorpe Hospital.
Andrew Percy pictured at Scunthorpe Hospital.

AN MP calling for a referendum on the death penalty says society has become too tolerant.

Brigg MP Andrew Percy says it should be up to the public to decide whether or not to bring back capital punishment – not MPs.

The Conservative MP is backing proposals to debate the issue in Parliament should 100,000 people sign a campaign on the government’s new e-petitions website.

Mr Percy said: “When it comes to major constitutional issues it’s for society to determine not politicians.

“Politicians have messed up and created this society we’ve got today. We wouldn’t have these problems if it had been left to the public – they will tolerate far less.

“We’ve tolerated behaviour over decades that should not be tolerated. We’ve almost rewarded this type of behaviour.”

Mr Percy believes the problems start in schools. He said: “We should have got a lot tougher, a lot quicker on the yobs on street corners and in schools – in the classroom, kids are committing violent offences and not being punished properly.

“You can get kids who get into the criminal justice system and they never get held to account. Their behaviour spirals out of control, they commit more serious crimes and by the time they’re adults they can pretty much do what they want and get away with it.

“We think we’re being compassionate with kids who have had tough upbringings but we’re not holding them to account.”

He said: “I only support the death penalty for people who commit murders and pathological killers but then I think should the state really be involved in killing people. I’m in two minds about the issue.”