Summer start for speed crackdown

Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001
Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001

Caistor Town Council hopes to acquire its new Speed Indicating Devices by the summer.

Earlier this month, town councillors voted unanimously to buy the devices at a cost of nearly £2,700.

This follows complaints about speeding traffic, particularly in Navigation Lane.

The devices flash up a warning to motorists when they exceed the speed limit. They also record information about average traffic speeds, which would allow the council to campaign for change.

The town council was to work jointly with Nettleton Parish Council on a project, but chose to fund its own project to give greater camera use in Caistor.

Town clerk Helen Pitman said proposed sites for the devices have to be assessed and approved by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership,

“This could be 2-3 months,” she said. But she hoped the devices could be in use by the summer.