‘Socialist’ businessman to take UKIP fight to Sir Ed

UKIP Gainsborough chairman Howard Thompson (left) with candidate John Saxon
UKIP Gainsborough chairman Howard Thompson (left) with candidate John Saxon

A former Labour supporter and self-confessed socialist is set to stand for UKIP at next year’s General Election.

John Saxon, 64, who lives with wife Jan just outside Gainsborough, says he had always voted Labour but on reading the 2010 UKIP manifesto, found himself agreeing with the party.

“I still consider myself a socialist but I don’t see that as a contradiction to UKIP’s policies.”

Born to a Tynemouth ‘working class’ family, whose father was a Labour councillor and also served in the RAF, John was educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Horncastle, plus schools in Malta, Zambia, Oakham and Tynemouth. He too joined the RAF, becoming an electronics engineer technician, and was posted to RAF Scampton where he remained until he left the RAF in 1980.

John then worked for himself in sales and marketing, until setting up a marketing and design consultancy in Sheffield, while living in Glentham. His sons attended De Aston School. He closed the business in 1994 and became a consultant for a Business Education Partnership developing motivational and mentoring programmes. In 2000, he set up Fastlinksolutions, which managed the Barnsley Enterprise Agency.

John sold the business in 2005 and moved to France, where he and his wife renovated a 17th century farmhouse. The couple found France ”a wonderful life experience” but found the downside of the EU outweighs the upside. Reasons include the EU “not been a level playing field” and Britain putting “in far more than we get out.” They bought their house near Gainsborough in 2012 and returned permanently in May.

Gainsborough constituency UKIP chairman Howard Thompson describes his candidate as “a clever lad” but adds he still has to complete the several-week selection process.

The Thoughts of Candidate John

“I support ideas such as:-

“Free Public Healthcare, Regulated economic market (no monopolies- therefore more selection for the public), a smaller richer/poorer divide, high quality public services, transport and infrastructure, responsible sustainable energy research and policies, self-government of a country through democratic processes.

“That those who have achieved in life have a responsibility towards those who have not, through no fault of their own.

“The UK has one chance only to be self-governing and that is the next election. I do not believe there will ever be a referendum on European membership and we will continue to give away our rights unless we say ‘this is the referendum’ this coming election. I also believe that France and Germany will leave the EU within the next decade and then what will the EU become, other than a 50-year experiment that didn’t work?”

“I am the ‘common man’ well-educated (but not at Eton) well-heeled (but not a millionaire) and well-motivated (but not by money, power or glory).”