‘Small’ rise in Caistor precept to support projects

The town's magnificent Christmas tree is being paid for from council reserves
The town's magnificent Christmas tree is being paid for from council reserves

Caistor Town Council has voted to increase the precept for 2019/2020 - the first rise for three years.

Coun Steve Milson has been leading the precept review and gave the background to the proposed rise at this month’s full council meeting

Coun Milson said: “Through careful management we have managed to keep the same precept for the last three years, despite losing some West Lindsey funding over those three years

“This year, we are proposing a small rise, which works out to approximately 86 pence per person.”

The 2.9 per cent increase would support £5,000 investment for the town’s parks and £3,500 to support community events organised by Caistor Goes and Caistor Lions.

Under community development, £6,500 is allocated for the purchasing of flowers for the town, which was previously undertaken by Caistor in Bloom, as well as the annual newsletter and information sheet.

The sum of £2,500 has been set aside for gritting, in case there is a bad winter, and money has also been allocated to cover election costs for next May.

For more than a decade, Sealord Limited has sponsored the town’s Christmas tree, however this sponsorship has now come to an end.

The council has been looking for a new sponsor without success.

It was agreed to fund this year’s tree - approximately £3,500, including transport costs - from the council’s reserve and also to include the cost in the precept, to secure the provision if no sponsors come forward.

Coun Carol Mackenzie said: “Caistor is famous for its tree and it (the switch-on) is a big community event as well.

“Thank you to Sealord for all the years of sponsorship, but we should make sure it all continues.”

Her sentiments were echoed by all her fellow councillors, and the proposed precept was accepted unanimously.