Six years and no pay rise for Manjeet

Manjeet Gill
Manjeet Gill

West Lindsey’s chief executive looks set to go a sixth year without a pay rise. The district council is to vote on its Pay Policy Statement for 2015-16 this week.

A council report says WLDC needs to attract and keep quality staff but it must avoid being “unnecessarily generous or otherwise excessive.”

Since Manjeet Gill started at WLDC in 2010, her salary has been fixed at £105,000.

“This is a local grade established following an analysis of the degree of responsibility in the role, the current downward movement in the market rates, benchmarking with other comparators and the ability to recruit and retain an exceptional candidate. This salary was approved by full council. There are no additional bonus, performance, honoraria or ex gratia payments,” it said.

The same is said for directors, even though their pay has increased from £70-75K to £80-85k but middle manager and director numbers have dropped from 15 to 9.

WLDC monitoring officer Alan Robinson said council needs have changed, with some roles merged and officers needing extra commercial skills, which is reflected in their pay, as recommended by external advice.