Sir Edward hails Kingerby turbine victory

Edward Leigh, the Member of Parliament for Gainsborough, has heralded a major victory in the fight against the proposed wind farm at Kingerby.

“The Planning Inspectorate has informed me that the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, has directed he will determine the outcome of this appeal rather than an Inspector,” Edward Leigh said.

“I believe we have a much stronger chance of burying the Kingerby wind farm proposal once and for all now that the matter is in the hands of Eric Pickles.”

“I lobbied hard that the Secretary of State make the decision and not the Inspectorate, and this has been the result of a long effort on my part and that of others,” Mr Leigh continued.

“The planning committee at West Lindsey District Council made a very sensible decision in turning down the application, and they were reflecting the strongly felt desires of local residents.

“Eric Pickles has many times emphasised the importance of local democracy so I am optimistic that he will uphold West Lindsey’s decision. I am also hoping we will soon receive a similar letter regarding the Hemswell Cliff proposal.”

The proposal is for a single 66.25 metre wind turbine on arable farm land in the Ancholme Valley. The applicant is Truelove Properties Ltd, a family run development company based in Lincoln.

Local residents have complained the turbine will create an eyesore and the Ministry of Defence says it will interfere with the air traffic control at RAF Waddington.

Sir Edward Leigh has also previously condemned the proposal, noting the potential harm to wildlife and the damage to scenic views.

“As a keen rambler myself, I am opposed to this wanton destruction. I agree with the environmentalists that we need to preserve nature and the environment around us, but these wind farms blight our surroundings without giving us much energy in return. They provide financial gain for private companies through subsidies at the expense of ordinary taxpayers,” he previously commented.