Sir Ed: “We must care for those left behind”

Edward Leigh EMN-141010-122653001
Edward Leigh EMN-141010-122653001

The Tory Party must broaden its appeal and reach out to those voting UKIP, Sir Edward Leigh pleaded on the Conservative Home website after UKIP’s by-election victory.

The Conservative Party is made up of four groups, explained the Gainsborough MP- Thatcherites (or free marketeers), social conservatives, metropolitan liberals and anti-EU British Patriots.

Sir Edward says he is a combination of three groups, but the metropolitan liberals in the ascendency, were alienating the others. The Tories are failing to be inclusive and “there is no point conquering new ground if we lose the territory which has traditionally been ours.”

“The category of “people who used to be Tory” has grown too large for any Conservative’s comfort. We must reconnect with people who are older, less successful, and more worried about the changing world. These people, or a lot more of them, used to vote for us and work in our Conservative Associations. We need to win them back. Yes, for many, the economy is going well but others are left behind. We must care for them,” the MP said.

People know “Ed Miliband is useless” but unless the Tories appeal to all of its four groups it risks “descending into an amorphous blob of indistinguishable electoral goo” and the ‘natural conservatives’ won’t feel they have a ‘stake in the game’ and will stay home.