Signs plan to stop “Formula 1 racing”

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Plans are afoot to install warning signs to curb speeders in Market Rasen.

Town councillors last week complained of vehicles going as high as 65mph in a built-up area.

“It’s like Formula 1 racing,” said Mayor John Matthews.

“They are definitely speeding coming down Willingham Road,” continued Coun Steve Bunney.

Coun Bunney said he has looked at getting warning signs erected.

“I know my colleagues at school will support that,” added Coun Bunney, who also works as Head of Boarding at De Aston School.

After the meeting, Mayor Matthews told the Rasen Mail the town council will talk to the Highways Authority about extra signs, including portable speed warning signs.

Town and district councillor Ken Bridger said the speeding happens east of the traffic lights by the railway bridge on the A631.

“It’s both ways. It’s like a race track. It’s getting worse,” he told the Rasen Mail.

One suitable form of signage would be speed indicating devices.

“They make us feel guilty when other drivers can see how fast you are going,” he said.

The town council should be able to get them erected on a temporary basis.

“It should also be able to apply for a Road Safety Grant,” Coun Bridger added.