Serious mistake could render May 5 election invalid

BOTCHED parish council elections in two villages could result in court action.

Voters living outside Wragby and Mareham le Fen, who attended polling stations in the said villages, were given ballot papers for parish elections.

But it has been revealed they were only entitled to vote on the national referendum and, in Wragby, the district council elections, on polling day.

The district council seat for the Mareham le Fen was uncontested.

Communications officer for East Lindsey District Council, James Gilbert, said: “A potential error in two parish council elections has been drawn to our attention.

“This relates to Mareham Le Fen and Wragby where it appears a small number of people entitled to vote in the referendum but not in the parish were given parish ballot papers as well.

“The returning officer is considering the best way forward.

“Those elected remain validly elected unless or until a court determines otherwise.

“This would be via an election petition which has to be lodged within 21 days of the election.”

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