‘Sensible’ growth for villages with plans

West Lindsey District Council, Guildhall.
West Lindsey District Council, Guildhall.

Residents of Osgodby and Great Limber have cast their votes in support of two new Neighbourhood Plans to be adopted in their local area.

Residents went to the polls last month to decide whether to adopt a planning document known as a Neighbourhood

Development Plan.

Neighbourhood plans are considered to have been approved at referendum if more than 50 per cent of the votes cast support adoption of the document.

In Osgodby, the plan gained strong support with an impressive 75 per cent of voters giving their support for the plan.

The Great Limber Neighbourhood Plan also saw an overwhelming amount of support, with 82.2 per cent of all votes cast in favour of the plan.

The Osgodby Neighbourhood Plan outlines policies for the protection, support and enhancement of their public open spaces and green infrastructure, including public rights of way and landscape quality, whilst identifying areas suitable to deliver new housing development within the Parish.

The Great Limber Neighbourhood Plan outlines policies for a mix of affordable and private housing to be provided within the village.

The aim is to enable elderly residents within the village to downsize, young people to remain, and families to stay or locate to the parish, whilst also ensuring the rural character and the surrounding landscape are enhanced and preserved for future generations.

Nev Brown, Senior Neighbourhood Planning Policy Officer at West Lindsey District Council, works closely with communities to help them develop a plan.

He said: “I am delighted the residents of Osgodby and Great Limber have recognised the importance of having a strong Neighbourhood Plan and have voted to adopt their Plans.

“These Plans can now be used as part of the planning process and provide a powerful tool to help these attractive settlements grow sensibly, whilst protecting their cherished features.”

To read more on Neighbourhood Plans in West Lindsey, visit: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplans