Seat to go in boundary changes?

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CAISTOR looks set to lose one of its two district councillors in a shake-up of West Lindsey by the Boundary Commission for England.

The commission has just completed an evaluation of the ward boundaries in West Lindsey in an effort to ensure residents are proportionally represented.

It has recommended that West Lindsey District Council is reduced from 37 councillors to 36, abolishing the Yarborough ward, which covers Keelby and Brockelsby, and merging it with Caistor ward.

But West Lindsey District Council has now suggested that all wards should be maintained in the current format, but that Caistor’s representation be cut from two councillors, currently Alan Caine and Angela Lawrence, to just one.

Caistor Town Council has also recently given its seal of approval to the scheme after Coun Caine asked for the authority’s support.

Burt Keimach, leader of West Lindsey District Council, said: “The Boundary Commission is conducting electoral reviews of local authorities in England.

“The aim is to ensure each council area and the number of electors represented by each councillor is approximately the same.

“West Lindsey District Council has considered the draft recommendations at great lengths and agrees with the proposed council size of 36 members.

“However, at the first full council meeting last month, councillors agreed to work together to submit a small number of possible revisions to the proposals.”

The Boundary Commission will publish its final recommendations for the new electoral arrangements for West Lindsey District Council this autumn.

If given the go-ahead Caistor would become a single member ward at the next full district council election in 2015.

l What do you think? Should a town of Caistor’s size have more than one district councillor?