Sculpture continues to be source of concern for council

The controversuial horse's head in Caistor's Horsemarket EMN-140715-104142001
The controversuial horse's head in Caistor's Horsemarket EMN-140715-104142001

The siting of a wooden sculpture in Caistor’s Horsemarket is far from past the finishing post.

The planning application for the horse’s head artwork on Boyes Hill was up for discussion once more at last week’s town council meeting and received a mixed response.

“I can’t support it,” said Coun Burns-Salmond.

“It is not in keeping with the area - it is in a conservation area and it is another classic example of retrospective planning.”

Town mayor Steve Milson supported this view.

But fellow councillor Jean Mumby said the sculpture had grown on her.

“My personal view at first was no, but having now driven past it for a time, it has grown on me.”

The horse’s head was commissioned by Caistor In Bloom, which was given permission to put the head up on Boyes Hill temporarily in time for the In Bloom judging on the condition the group submitted an application for the necessary planning permission.

Since then, delays with the application and insufficient information has kept the topic on the town council agenda.

And while the sculpture evokes many personal views, Coun Alan Caine reminded his colleagues: “A valid planning reason is needed to lodge an objection, but comments can be made.

“Caistor Town Council is consulted on planning, it is not the decision making body,” he added.

Coun Caine also confirmed there had not been any complaints from residents, although comments had been made on ‘the street’.

The town council voted four against the application, two for and one abstention.