Restrictions to Caistor parking

Parking restrictions come into force at Caistor Town Hall car park next week
Parking restrictions come into force at Caistor Town Hall car park next week

New restrictions come into force at one of Caistor’s car parks next week in a bid to make it easier for people to use the town’s facilities.

Caistor Town Council will be enforcing time restrictions at the town hall car park after complaints hall users could not park there as spaces were all occupied by owners of vehicles not using the facility.

Investigations by the town clerk showed people working in the town - and local students - were using the car park for all day parking.

That prompted the council into action.

Notification of the restriction proposal met with concerns at a recent town council meeting in the public participation section.

One resident said the restrictions would not be solving the problem, but “merely transferring the problem to several other small locations”.

He continued: “We quite clearly have a big, big problem in an old town where many of the properties do not have garages.

“ My concern is that there is a law of unintended consequences that may arise here that in a funny sort of way by stopping cars from parking in a car park.

“ You are in fact going to make parking in Caistor that much more difficult.

“I think that the council possibly needs to think about that as a way of putting people off coming into Caistor as they will be thinking they can never get a car parking space - because it is so busy with on road car parking.

“I know that in my case, selfishly, when I cannot park outside my own house because it is full and then the town hall car park is full, I park in a different street and take up someone else’s frontage.

“I don’t like doing it I feel bad about doing it , but I expect that is how an awful lot of other drivers will do it.”

In response, town clerk Jim Hanrahan said the council was aware of many of these issues.

Mr Hanrahan continued: “One of the key issues is when the town hall car park is full, people can’t use it for events , such as the children’s group.

“We we are in effect stopping children from accessing these facilities and that is just one consequence.

“We know by taking out the students alone , that will release 14 spaces , which is half the car park.”

The parking restrictions will impose a four-hour maximum stay between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, with no return within that period.

The penalty for overstaying will be £70 (reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days).

There is also a restriction on the parking of commercial vehicles, without prior permission.

Full details on car park sign.