Rasen Green Party candidate says NHS ‘will not survive another Tory government’

Green candidate Vicky Pearson EMN-170522-153220001
Green candidate Vicky Pearson EMN-170522-153220001

Green Party candidate Vicky Pearson is standing for the protection of the NHS - which she says ‘will not survive’ if the Tories dominate on June 8.

Ms Pearson, 32, is a newcomer to the General Election, but is no stranger to local politics.

She currently occupies the Vice Chair seat onBardney Parish Council, and says she has also worked at ‘national level’ in the Green Party having been Chair of Green Party Woman.

She has also organised national events and conferences, as well as having written policy.

Ms Pearson said: “I have grown up in the area, working on farms and with horses.

“I have a degree in Media Production and Design from Lincoln University, I also have a Graduate Senior Business Management Apprenticeship.

“I then managed a dairy think tank in Lincoln, and went on to start my own business in graphic and web design.

Ms Pearson says she has ‘first hand experience of NHS cuts’ after a life-changing car accident.

She said: “In 2012 I had a serious car accident, which left me with a disability.

“I am standing for Gainsborough as I can no longer stand the state this country and county is in.

“I see first hand the impact the NHS cuts have on those around me.

“Our NHS will not survive another Tory Government, so if you have anyone you know who relies on the NHS, consider this when you are voting.”

Ms Pearson is also opposing funding cuts to services.

“We have overcrowded, under-funded schools.

“We have people without access to public transport and the state of some of our roads makes us look like a third world country!

“I want to stand up to these vicious cuts to our services, when tax reliefs and bonuss are being handed out to the extremely rich at our expense.”

Who else is standing?

Conservative Sir Edward Leigh will be standing again in Gainsborough. He won by a majority of nearly 15,500 votes last General Election- and will be hoping to repeat his success this time around.

The Labour party candidate contesting the Gainsborough seat will be Catherine Tite.

Standing for the Green Party in the Gainsborough constituency will be Vicky Pearson.