Rasen Council reassures town after play park ‘incidents’

Market Rasen's Mill Road play area
Market Rasen's Mill Road play area

Market Rasen Town Council has reassured the public after two ‘incidents’ involving young people at Mill Road play area.

Speaking at the council’s May meeting, Coun Bunney said ‘certain people’ were ‘abusing’ the skate park and that there had been two recent ‘arguments’ - one leading to police being called.

Market Rasen's Mill Road play area

Market Rasen's Mill Road play area

But Coun Bunney stressed the majority of play area users were responsible.

He said: “The skate park is used by an awful lot of young, and not so young, people in the town, and a number of young people take good care of what’s going on, and from time to time feel certain people are abusing the skate park.

“There is a whole group of people up there who take responsibility, and as soon as something goes wrong, they’re wanting to make sure it’s sorted out.

“I will be recommending a young person [for an award] later on in the year for his public spirit in the park.

“They’re very positive about the park.”

Coun Bunney told the meeting the parent of a ‘young man’ involved in one of the incidents had not ‘made a formal complaint’ so it could not be ‘followed through’.

He said: “Since then there’s been a further incident, which has been reported to the authorities.”

Coun Bunney added: “Arguments between young people on the playgrounds occurred and have been reported.

“One of these has been reported to the police.”

And Coun Margaret Lakin-Whitworth said: “There are more positives than negatives [about the play 

It comes after CCTV cameras were installed at the play area at the start of the year following a string of anti-social behaviour, and criminal damage incidents.

The Rasen Mail has asked Lincolnshire Police for a comment.