Prescott demands halt to fracking

David Prescott
David Prescott

Labour PPC for Gainsborough, David Prescott, has called for a halt to fracking in the area after Greenpeace revealed the constituency may contain both shale gas exploration blocks and designated groundwater zones.

He cites a 2012 European Commission report which claims a risk of contamination from the shale gas drilling process if sufficient regulatory standards are not in place. Greenpeace and the Environment Agency says such groundwater zones exist around Welton, Waddingham and Caenby Corner.

The move comes as MPs were due to vote on the Infrastructure Bill on Monday (January 26) which could allow shale gas firms to drill under people’s homes. Labour opposes fracking “in land which is located within the boundary of a groundwater source protection zone.”

“This Greenpeace research confirms my suspicion fracking is far too risky in Gainsborough and I will be campaigning for it to be stopped,” Mr Prescott said.