Praise for Rasen Round leaflets - but some changes are needed

Market Rasen. EMN-191121-141141001
Market Rasen. EMN-191121-141141001

Councillors have praised a 
leaflet which helps attract 
people to Market Rasen - but say that certain details need to be updated.

Walkers are Welcome leaflets were discussed at this month’s town council meeting.

Councillors agreed that the leaflet - The Rasen Round - is beneficial to the town, but argued that leaflets need updating.

Councillors also discussed where money to pay for the leaflets would come from.

Councillor Bunney said: “Walkers are Welcome was 
actually a sub-committee of this council.

“These leaflets are very good, they do bring people to the area, and they have run out.

“We, in the summer, agreed to take on the website - we now manage that. The leaflet does need to be changed.

“It does appear that the company which produces the leaflets have the rights to the printing.

“Walkers are Welcome would like some more leaflets.

“Clearly we have got an issue as we could be asked year in, year out, for lots of money towards these.

“I think there is a 
bigger piece of work which is 
required in the town including developing the trails which I think is a larger area which needs to be funded over the next two years.

“It seems to me that it would probably be right that we agree to do it for this year (funding for these leaflets) but we do not, at this stage, say it will be an annual event.

“We are going to look at alternative sources of funding for the future.

“The company who 
produce the leaflets has quoted £674 for 4,000 of each leaflet which includes the

“The monies for the first lot of leaflets have come from various sources, and I think it would be right to go for 4000 leaflets as opposed to 2,000 leaflets - £452.

“It seems to me that this would be a project to be shared possibly between the town council and the town

Councillors at the meeting voted to approve the decision to pay for 4,000 

Councillors agreed to talk to the town partnership about 
splitting the funding for
 future leaflets.