Parliament to look at proposals

CHANGES to electoral boundaries that will leave the area with fewer councillors are now under Parliamentary scrutiny.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England reviewed electoral arrangements for West Lindsey and it now wants to merge the Caistor and Yarborough wards to form a single two-seat ward – at the moment Caistor has two seats and Yarborough has one.

Also under the commission’s proposals Middle Rasen would become part of a new three-member Market Rasen ward. Middle Rasen is currently a separate ward with one councillor and Market Rasen has two seats.

The commission did a 12-week public consultation on its draft proposals and drew new boundaries for every ward in the borough.

Under the new system West Lindsey District Council would lose one councillor taking the total down to 36 – these changes would come into force at the next local elections for West Lindsey in 2015.

Any objections to the proposals must be raised in Parliament by December 19. If Parliament approves the proposals the changes will be finalised in the new year.