Parking ban back on council agenda

A DECISION on whether to ban cars parking on the Market Place in Rasen once and for all is again at the top of the agenda for the town council.

Organisers of the Gardeners’ Market, which took place on Saturday, faced a number of problems attempting to clear the town centre square ready for traders, with drivers leaving their vehicles on the Market Place overnight.

Councillors and members of the Market Rasen Lions resorted to patrolling the Market Place throughout the night in order to ensure nobody parked there before Saturday morning’s event.

Members of the town council heard its employees were constantly verbally abused by drivers trying to move their vehicles on or off the square on market days and the authority is now considering whether to ban vehicles from parking on the area permanently.

Coun Steven Lingard said: “Is it a market place or is it a car park?

“If it is a market place then shut it off everyday.”

The town council has in the past purchased signs and equipment to clamp cars on the Market Place, but the scheme, approved more than a year ago, has not yet been enforced.

But Mayor Ken Bridger told councillors that something needed to be done because the Market Place was losing the authority, and therefore the taxpayer, between £2,000 and £4,000 a year.

Coun John Hadlow said that he was not against closing the Market Place, or clamping, or even having a pay and display scheme with a maximum stay of two hours on the Market Place, but the townspeople needed to be consulted first.

A working group of market traders, councillors and shop owners has already been set up, but members of the town authority want to get the opinions of the wider community.

So your Market Rasen Mail is this week launching The Big Debate, a series of public polls on issues affecting your town and your area.

In our first poll we are asking you whether the Market Place should be closed to traffic completely, a pay and display scheme introduced, clamping for those leaving cars overnight, or left the way it currently is.

Your Market Rasen Mail will collate the answers and hand the feedback directly to town Mayor Ken Bridger for the council’s consideration.

Simply fill out The Big Debate coupon on page eight and return it to the Rasen Hub, or post it to Rasen Hub, 20 Union Street, Market Rasen, LN8 3AA. Alternatively email your opinion to beginning your message with The Big Debate.