Outrage at council’s closed door meetings

A council under fire for its secret decisions has taken the bizarre step of holding yet another meeting behind closed doors to discuss the row.

Market Rasen Town Council has been widely criticised for refusing to co-opt competent residents Carol Skye and Nigel Cook - without any explanation why neither could fill the vacancy.

And now to make matters worse it has called an extraordinary meeting to talk about the issue behind closed doors - making the baffling claim it is a of a “confidential” nature.

The controversy has even led to West Lindsey District Council leader Burt Keimach questioning democracy at the town council and MP Edward Leigh has called for “urgent” action.

Coun Keimach said: “I don’t think the council has been very democratic, the public is owed an explanation.

“People are quite concerned.”

He added: “I don’t think the town council is value for money - and I’m speaking as former mayor.

“Abolishment is one extreme measure. The alternative is a town council that really works.”

Under electoral commission rules the council is not obliged to give reasons for turning people down, but a recent government act encourages local authorities to be open and transparent.

MP Edward Leigh said: “It has recently been brought to my attention that a vacancy on the Market Rasen Town Council has been left unfilled – even when candidates have put themselves forward to be co-opted.

“I am seeking urgent clarification as to why no co-option has been made.

“I hope a swift resolution can be found to ensure the Market Rasen Town Council continues with its excellent work.”