Osgodby homes bid loses appeal

Planning news
Planning news

Parish councillor Alan Wilkinson has lost his appeal against West Lindsey District Council to build eight 3-bed homes at the back of Orchard House, Main Street, Osgodby.

The Planning Inspectorate dismissed his appeal saying his proposed development would have “relatively poor access to services and facilities” and would ”foster a reliance on the private car,” making it unsustainable.

“The development of the appeal site would also in part encroach on to previously undeveloped open land to the rear of the properties on Washdyke Lane, thus enlarging the existing developed extent of the village into the countryside. The combination of this uncharacteristic backland form of development and encroachment into the surrounding countryside would not safeguard the existing character and appearance of the area,” the judgement said.

Such “harm” would “outweigh the benefit” of extra housing supply.