Off council but blame falls only on herself

Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001
Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001

Former Caistor Town councillor Kate Galligan took the opportunity to say thank you to her former colleagues when the council met last week.

“I have come here tonight to say a massive thank you,” she said.

“I had a wonderful time on the council; I would recommend it to anyone.”

Ms Galligan was disqualified from the council last month after missing six consecutive meetings.

“It is entirely my own fault I am not on the council,” she continued. “I would like to the thank the beady-eyed member of the public for pointing it out.”

Council Clerk Helen Pitman clarified the West Lindsey District Council Electoral Officer had been notified of the disqualification of Ms Galligan on January 9, in line with procedure.

“Although Kate had missed seven meetings, and West Lindsey were informed after that seventh meeting, she had sent apologies for the first of those meeting,” she told the meeting.