No-show councillor gets the boot

Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001
Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001

A Caistor town councillor has lost her seat for missing six consecutive meetings.

Kate Galligan was named as the errant member by town mayor Steve Millson at last week’s meeting.

Her disqualification comes as the town council’s planning committee has struggled with absentee members.

Members stressed the voluntary, unpaid nature of council, which often clashes with their other commitments.

“A lot of people attend meetings in the day,” said Coun Alan Caine. “It is not just, ‘I am a councillor tonight’.”

“The fact of the matter is we all do this on a voluntary basis. I feel guilty sometimes not being able to attend all the meetings, but it does not mean we don’t care about Caistor,” said Coun Martin Sizer.

“It’s very important for us to get over to people that this is entirely voluntary. It is not for our self edification and delight. We do it for Caistor,” said Coun Juliet Savage.

“We have to reiterate the fact that none of us are paid. People say, ‘well you must be earning a fair whack out of the council’, but we all do it at cost. There is only one person who is paid and that is our clerk,” said Coun Deborah Barker.

Town Clerk Helen Pitman said Kate Galligan was disqualified for missing six consecutive meetings. Members have been barred at other councils but she could not remember this happening before at Caistor. All town councillors will be up for re-election on May 7.