No objections for Oxford Street (Rasen) houses


The Planning and Development Committee at Market Rasen Town Council raised no objections to a planning application regarding 
three new dwellings on 
Oxford Street.

The committee met last Wednesday (March 7) to discuss plans submitted by Mr Clark.

Issues were then raised by members of the committee - concerning access.

Speaking at the meeting last week, Coun Stephen Bunney - on the committee, said: “We are happy to go with the development but we want particular attention placed on the access from Oxford Street to ensure that risk of accident is reduced.”

The application was first submitted in June 2017 for four new apartments.

It has now been amended by the applicant to include three new dwellings and has been re-submitted to West Lindsey District Council.

Highways at Lincolnshire County Council submitted no objections to the amended application.

A response from an archaeological perspective has asked that archaeology is recorded before the development begins, but no objections were raised to 
the application.