No bus link thwarts house plan appeal


A lack of regular buses to South Kelsey has been cited as to why an appeal against West Lindsey District Council’s opposition to a house was upheld.

This was despite the site previously gaining approval (now expired) for housing.

Last year, Mr R Douglas sought to build a house at Rose Cottage, Thornton Road, but in October WLDC refused his application.

“The main issue in the appeal is whether or not the proposed development would conflict with policies for residential development which seek to achieve an accessible form of development,” said the appeal decision.

West Lindsey “seeks to direct residential development towards the main settlements which have the facilities and services to cater for new residents and which have access to public transport.” But South Kelsey has no regular buses, just the Call-Connect service.

Even though it was just one house, “the cumulative impact of allowing such developments would increase the amount of unsustainable journeys made.” Though approval for housing was given in 1993, planning rules changed and the old consent carried “only minimal weight,” the decision said.