New parking restrictions in Caistor

Extra car parking restrictions look set to come into force in Caistor after getting the backing of the town council.

The authority has backed a Lincolnshire County Council plan to put yellow lines on the road outside Sealord on North Kelsey Road Industrial Estate and is planning to introduce a two hour parking limit in the town’s Market Place.

Caistor Town Council members heard that despite Sealord having a large car park for its staff, workers at the factory still parked on the road as it was closer to the employee entrance.

Councillors backed the plans for the yellow lines at the site, which were presented by county councillor Tony Turner.

Town councillors took parking restrictions one step further though and have asked the county council to bring in a two hour parking limit in the Market Place betwen 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, to stop people leaving their car there all day - reducing space for shoppers.