New CCTV for town shopping area

Brigg news
Brigg news

A new CCTV camera to view Brigg’s Wrawby Street should make the spotting of vandals and intruders into the 
pedestrianised area more 

At the latest monthly Town Council meeting, Coun Mike Campion wanted to know if the police had caught and charged those who had done damage to Scalini’s Fish Shop front window and to the Boots store.

Inspector Brett Rutty, present at the meeting, told councillors the offenders had not been picked up on camera and so they had not in effect been caught.

If that was disappointing for Coun Campion and his town council colleagues, the announcement that a new camera would be installed to view the main shopping area was warmly welcomed.

North Lincolnshire 
councillor Carl Sherwood 
confirmed the local authority had given their backing to the new installation.

The camera will, of course, also be able to assist in the identification of any 
unauthorised vehicles seen entering the pedestrianised area.