MP slams govt over slaughter of Christians

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Sir Edward Leigh has blasted government “insanity” over the Middle East for condemning “hundreds of thousands of people to death.”

The Gainsborough MP made his comments in a TV review of 2014 on George Galloway’s Sputnik TV show on the Russia Today network.

“The position of the Syrian people is appalling. Because we wrongfully invaded Iraq, we have condemned hundreds of thousands of people to death and we have condemned tens of thousands of Christians to death and to flight,” he said.

Sir Edward said he has visited Christian villages in Iraq, whose people are now being “enslaved and beheaded by ISIL- what a disaster!”

“Though Saddam Hussein and President Assad of Syria are ‘applauding politicians’ in terms of repression, at least they protected Christians.”

In the TV show, Sir Edward also said the PM pushing the Tories to the centre has cost the party much support.

“If we are going to lose the election, it’s because David Cameron has created this monster UKIP which is eating up our support”

But he said Nigel Farage was a ‘populist’ for pushing UKIP to the left to attract Northern Labour voters, something he doubted would succeed. Sir Edward was also “thrilled” David Prescott was challenging him. “It’s a bit of glamour in Lincolnshire...The more people that vote Labour, the fewer that vote UKIP.”

Though political opposites, George Galloway branded his guest “a proper gentleman, a man of independent mind- everything a parliamentarian should be, except he’s a Tory!” ending with “You’re a great man!”