Mayor stays silent on Local Plan for Rasen

Market Rasen
Market Rasen

Market Rasen’s mayor has declined to comment on a major plan for development until after a ‘behind-closed-doors’ meeting has been held with councillors.

The newly released Local Plan for central Lincolnshire shows how 585 homes could be built in Market Rasen by 2036 - and it details ‘significant’ proposals for growth in employment and retail.

But Market Rasen mayor John Matthews has declind to make any comment about the plans to the Rasen Mail until after he has discussed the plans with councillors.

The meeting - which does not have an official agenda - will take place at 7pm this evening, Wednesday, September 9. Coun Matthews said: “It’s a group of colleagues getting together.

“We’re just getting some thoughts together.

“I’m not going to be pushed into making a decision.”

The meeting is between the mayor and several councillors - whose names Coun Matthews did not disclose.

The Local Plan also affects the future of Caistor, with 563 new homes planned for the town.

Caistor mayor Carol Mackenzie has declined to comment until the town council’s monthly meeting on Thursday (September 10).

Coun Mackenzie said:“We’ve got a council meeting on Thursday so I’m sure we’ll express some 
views on this.

“I can’t possibly say anything until I’ve heard everyone else’s views.”

The Caistor meeting will be held in front of the public and press.

The Local Plan, which lasts until 2036, says that ‘to maintain and enhance’ their roles as market towns, Caistor and Market Rasen will be the focus for ‘significant but proportionate’ growth in housing, employment, retail and wider service 

The plan, developed by The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee, aims to co-ordinate where, when, how and to what extent growth takes place across the centre of Lincolnshire, including West Lindsey.

It includes a proposal to ‘cap’ growth in smaller villages, unless the community indicates it would like more development.

Large villages such as Keelby, Middle Rasen and Welton, are set to be a ‘focus’ for growth with similar rules to the market towns.

Chairman of the committee and leader of West Lindsey District Council Coun Jeff Summers said: “Due to the last few years of financial instability, house building has fallen way behind the 
physical demand.

“While entering a new era of prosperity it is vitally important we have a development plan which will inform everyone where housing and industrial uses should be located, plus every other aspect of a complete community.

“A tremendous effort is being put into the plan and most importantly, valuable information is gleaned from our residents and businesses during the consultation