Keimach urges ‘big sell’ of ‘entrepreneurial council’

Burt Keimach EMN-151103-085013001
Burt Keimach EMN-151103-085013001

Market Rasen councillor Burt Keimach urged a “vigorous public relations campaign” from fellow councillors to sell West Lindsey as an “entrepreneurial council.”

Coun Keimach said when he was leader he discussed its concept with CEO Manjeet Gill. “We are going into an area where we can branch out and do more to make West Lindsey more prosperous. We need public support to succeed. We must get people in towns and villages on board,” he said, as members approved its Commercial Strategy.

Fellow Conservative Lewis Strange (Kelsey) said the former Labour government left no money so Conservatives and Lib-Dems are having to work together locally and nationally, to overcome this. “This council has had the guts to look ahead to say we are going to take it on the chin. We are going to beat it, do something few other councils have the guts to do. It’s going to be a whole new exciting chapter in West Lindsey,” he said.

Coun Geoff Wiseman (Ind-Middle Rasen) said WLDC can now “achieve great things.”