Is this the end of Rasen’s pigeon mess problem?

The pavement under the Queen Street railway bridge EMN-190923-061632001
The pavement under the Queen Street railway bridge EMN-190923-061632001

Market Rasen Town Council has declared a small victory in the town’s fight against pigeon mess.

Deputy Mayor Steve Bunney - who was also elected as a West Lindsey District Councillor this year - says WLDC has agreed to ‘respond quickly’ to email reports of 

Coun Bunney, speaking at this month’s full town council meeting, said: “If we email him [a WLDC officer] when there’s a specific problem, even if it’s every few days, they [WLDC] will respond as quickly as they can.

“At the moment we’re not doing that.

“It’s keeping them informed, it’s a pain, I know, but they do respond to emails.

“They won’t do it every day because they have to send someone out, but they will do what they can.”

And Mayor John Matthews said WLDC had recently ‘washed down’ the pavements in parts of town.

Coun Nicky Brooksbank said: “I walk under the [railway] bridge every single day - I can do that [report pigeon mess to WLDC].

“I stand in it every 

Coun Tom Smith raised concerns that the pigeon mess under the railway bridge ‘may be deemed a Network Rail issue’.

But Coun Bunney reassured councillors, WLDC would be happy to clean the pavements underneath the town’s bridges.

Coun Cathy Sirrett told the meeting: “My neighbours volunteered to shoot the pigeons.”

And Coun Ken Bridger added: “Can’t we get the Queen to visit, they’ll definitely do it [clean up pigeon mess] 

Market Rasen’s problem with pigeon mess goes back many years.

Back in 2009 the town council said the only way to resolve the problem under the bridges would be a ‘pigeon cull’ but they said that would be ‘inappropriate’.

And last September residents became concerned about droppings outside the town’s former banks making the street look