Interview: ‘Politics has collapsed... I’m no longer Tory’

Jeff Summers EMN-190927-155748001
Jeff Summers EMN-190927-155748001

The former Conservative leader of West Lindsey District Council has resigned from the party, saying ‘politics in this country has collapsed’.

Waddingham and Spital ward member Jeff Summers has been a Conservative councillor for the past 17 years, but has now started the process to become Independent.

Discussing his shock decision, Coun Summers said: “As far as Conservatives are concerned, I’m out.

“It’s a combination of things.

“The fact the politics in this country has collapsed.

“I was so disgusted in the way they’ve [MPs] operated since the referendum took place.

“They’re just totally irresponsible.

“We did a referendum, it was a decision to implement.

“All of the MPs in Westminster should have combined.

“They’ve been fighting like spoiled children ever since.

“They have total disrespect for the UK population.”

And Coun Summers said his decision to leave the party was partly down to members voting him out as leader back in May.

He said: “I was voted out of office and I was extremely surprised.

“I’d had no consultation with anyone - it was overnight as far as I was concerned.

“The last four years have been the best in the 17 years I’ve been at West Lindsey [District Council].

“Everything was working well… we had good revenue streams.

“I don’t really know what’s going on in any of the discussions anymore.

“I’m fully disgusted with what’s happened, both here and nationally.

“I can quite easily manage without them [Conservatives], as an Independent member.

“I’m still interested in what’s going on.”

Coun Summers added: “The most important thing is to have a body of members that have common sense and business acumen, no matter what colour they 

Coun Summers’ transition to an Independent councillor will be complete over the coming months.

West Lindsey District Council’s current leader is Nettleham ward member Giles McNeill.