Increase in vote for Lib Dems in Gainsborough Constituency

Lib Dem candidate Lesley Rollings
Lib Dem candidate Lesley Rollings

Parliamentary candidate for the Gainsborough Constituency, Lesley Rollings said she was ‘delighted’ to see an increase in votes for the Lib Dems.

Speaking after the result was declared, which showed the Lib Dems took 5,157 votes (3,630 in 2017), she said: “We’re up on previous years, so I am delighted really.

“It was a bit of an unknown because our revoke article 50 strategy was quite late coming into play and we were unsure of how that was going to play out.

“Some people have reacted one way other people are delighted.

“I think that’s the whole Brexit thing anyway. Everyone is split on it - families are split, communities are split

“So, I am pleased that we’ve seen a slight increase in our vote and that bodes well for us in local elections.

“We are building our base here and we are delighted about that.”