‘I’ll stand up for Rasen’s people’

Catherine Tite cavassing in the constituency. EMN-170517-123851001
Catherine Tite cavassing in the constituency. EMN-170517-123851001

The Labour party is ‘representing real economic growth’ in the region - 
according to Gainsborough candidate Catherine Tite.

The North East Derbyshire Labour councillor was selected by the party earlier this month.

Ms Tite said: “I am proud to be Labour’s Gainsborough candidate in the general election.

“The Tory government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation.

“Our NHS and social care provision is in crisis, our schools are struggling and cuts to policing are putting our safety at risk.”

She added: “VAT, inflation, and rising energy costs are already hitting working households hard, and are set to rise sharply.

“These taxes will affect those earning under £80,000, - Labour’s proposals will apply to individuals above the £80,000 threshold only.

Ms Tite detailed how Labour’s policies would affect the local population.

She said: “Labour is now a Party representing real economic growth, based on investment in East Midlands infrastructure and jobs.

“People here in the Market Rasen area need a representative who will put them first.

“I will be campaigning to show people that there is an alternative to the Conservatives.”

Also standing in Gainsborough are Sir Edward Leigh for the Tories, Lesley Rollings for the Lib Dems and Vicky Pearson for the Green Party.