How the county is coping with potholes

Coun Margaret Lakin Whitworth is battling against potholes in Market Rasen
Coun Margaret Lakin Whitworth is battling against potholes in Market Rasen

A catalogue of every pothole in Market Rasen is being put together by the town council after health and safety fears were raised.

Parish champion Margaret Lakin-Whitworth is photographing every pothole in the town in order to present a comprehensive list to Lincolnshire County Council.

The county authority, responsible for maintaining our roads has also angered town councillors by telling them the town’s roads are not in bad condition, despite at least one person suffering an injury after falling on a pothole.

Coun Steve Bunney said: “Highways are telling us they come and look at the roads and repair the roads but we have seen the real state of the roads and we have had a fatality not far away at Willingham Woods and we are quite concerned abut that.

“If you do see a pothole do let us know and we will pass it on to the county council highways.”

The Rasen Mail was contacted by a resident of the town last week whose wife had needed hospital treatment after tripping and falling on a pothole in Middle Rasen.

Coun Lakin-Whitworth said: “I first reported a pothole at the top of John Street in March, it’s still there. Anyone crossing the road there can trip on it. I’ve done it myself. “

Coun Jayne Sankey said she watched highways contractors fill in a pothole in Chapel Street and then reverse a truck over it to compact the tar, even though they had the equipment to complete the job in the back of the vehicle.