Halving council staff hit West Lindsey asset management says report

West Lindsey HQ EMN-140310-082643001
West Lindsey HQ EMN-140310-082643001

A 50 per cent reduction is staff in West Lindsey District Council’s Asset Section, “impacted on the delivery of some key tasks.”

A progress report for WLDC’s Governance and Audit Committee says its Corporate Management Asset plan 2012-15 is mainly a copy of Northampton Council’s asset plan and contains “some gaps in key information.”

“The possible impact on the council is that this can undermine the processes, governance and council ambition to maximise asset use,” it said.

“We found there is no implementation or service plan by which the service can implement the strategy and measure success...we found for the Asset section there is no robust performance and reporting system in place to monitor performance and issues.

“We found that officers were not clear on the governance, roles and responsibilities and reporting lines for asset work...The council is investigating and acquiring new assets without an approved acquisitions and disposal policy in place,” it said.

“There is a risk that opportunities are missed to release assets and capital,” it said, suggesting a review of processes for asset acquisition.