Growth for Rasen and ex-MOD sites

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Latest NEws

West Lindsey District Council, including its councillors, have produced their own submission to the Central Lincolnshire District Plan.

The moves comes as the deadline for submissions from the public passed yesterday.

In a report for a meeting of the full council this week, councillors laid out their aims for development in the district.

“Market Rasen is an historic town and therefore its town centre is of a larger scale than would normally be expected for a population of its size. It’s location in the Wolds and the large rural hinterland it serves as a Market Town means it has potential for further growth that is appropriate and in the right place. With an increased focus on the visitor and tourism economy, this town’s economic potential also needs to be reflected in the local plan in terms of land allocation for economic and long term growth,” it said.

The report also said Brookenby and Hemswell are “successful examples of enterprise growth of decommissioned sites. These settlements have the potential for growth and more flexibility in application of planning policy to these sites is requested.”

Hemswell Cliff has also grown as an enterprise park despite recent austerity suggesting its attractiveness to further development.

“It is proposed Hemswell is considered for large scale development both for employment and housing growth. A masterplan is currently being developed in conjunction with the Lincolnshire Enterprise Partnership and County Council for this site.”

Brookenby and Newtoft “have large areas of brownfield land suitable for economic or housing growth. Brookenby is close in terms of travel proximity to Grimsby. Newtoft currently has designations in the 2006 Local Plan for West Lindsey that hinder development and these restrictions should be considered for removal in the next Draft Local Plan.”

Comments from district councillors were also featured.

Coun Geoff Wiseman wants officers to look at Middle Rasen’s position as a growth village as he is worried because “developers are looking at 100 plus” sites for development.

Coun Burt Keimach wants to see Gallimore Lane, Market Rasen, expand as an industrial and retail centre on brownfield land. He also wants a bypass for Market Rasen to allow “partial pedestrianisation” which would bring “true rejuvenation” of the town. Market Rasen also needs more population “for prosperity.”

Coun Alan Caine also wants “to encourage (executive) housing in the upper north east area of West Lindsey.”