Green is the colour for Lindsey

Solar Panel
Solar Panel

A BID by West Lindsey to become the greenest district in the country is set for a major boost.

The district council is being asked to support the use and application of renewable energy, which will add to the authority’s already-impressive green credentials.

Coun Paul Howitt-Cowan, chairman of a working group set up to investigate renewable energy, said: “Naturally we want to make sure any adverse impacts are made acceptable, but our recommendation is that the council should encourage individuals and businesses to use renewable energy technology to reduce carbon emissions throughout the district.

“West Lindsey already has the lowest emissions count in Lincolnshire.”

The council will be asked to agree its stance on renewables in the new year, and also accept the principle of trying to use renewable energy in its own buildings.

Coun Owen Bierley said: “Our support for renewable energy will ensure that the right technology will be applied in the right location. This is a logical development of our previous commitment to minimise the effects of climate change and reduce our carbon emissions.”

The working group has specifically been investigating how energy can be produced from ground source heat pumps, the wind, the sun, bio fuel boilers, anaerobic digesters and green waste.

Coun Roger Patterson said: “The working group has visited locations that utilise these technologies and we feel that as long as sites are chosen carefully there is potential for this type of development in West Lindsey.

“We can see business opportunities in this and it will certainly help our aim to make West Lindsey a green district where people want to live, work and visit.

Coun Howitt-Cowan stressed that by adopting this policy the council was not predetermining any individual planning application that may be submitted for renewable energy generation.

“Every application will be considered on its merits and will take into account the Central Lincolnshire Core Strategy on renewable and low carbon energy solutions.

“The acceptability of locations where developments will take place are planning decisions and the development management committee are aware of the need to consider the impact on local communities and the environment,” said Coun Howitt-Cowan.

What do you think about renewable energy? Have your say by calling the council’s communications team on 01427 676580, or email