Fears raised over school safety issues

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“DO we have to wait until a fatal accident before we do something?”

That was the question posed by a newly-elected town councillor when safety concerns at Brigg County Primary School, in Atherton Way, were brought to the monthly town council meeting.

Coun Sheila Boughey urged the council to make strong representation to North Lincolnshire Highways for Atherton Way to be adopted. Parents wanted a crossing patrol, a 20mph speed restriction, school signage and additional signage to direct lorries not to enter the northern spur of Atherton Way that leads to the school only.

Coun Boughey told her fellow councillors: “Brigg Primary School is a unique case in that we are merely asking for safety measures every other school has.

“The situation is a nightmare at drop-off and pick-up time.

“Yellow lines at the school are ignored as they are not enforceable because the road has not been adopted.

“The sign at the entrance to Atherton Way is only a playground sign. The only school sign is outside the school.”

Coun Rob Waltham, who is also on North Lincolnshire Council, said: “The governors are concerned and the issues have been raised with Highways.

“Extra money is to be made available for a 20mph speed limit and new signage.”

He was not sure on adoption of the road, but felt the governors and Highways should be left to deal with the issues.

Coun Jenny Bell pointed out that Atherton Way was built as an industrial estate and the authority knew this when they decided to build the school there, while Coun Ann Eardley was concerned at motorists parking on verges.

Councillors backed the governors and Highways to address the issues in the first instance.