Fears for Wolds

AN AREA of Outstanding Natural Beauty is being ruined by developments, furious villagers have claimed.

Wold View Fisheries in Claxby has been given outline planning permission to put up ten log cabins for self-catering holidaymakers – despite strong objections from residents and the parish council.

People living in Claxby fear the site is “not at all suitable” for a holiday resort and are appalled their views have been “ignored” by West Lindsey planning bosses.

To make matters worse villagers are now worried a new planning application for a nearby equestrian centre, with six floodlights, will also be given the green light.

Resident Janet Stennett, whose property overlooks Wold View Fisheries, said: “We all feel very disappointed – we feel that not one of the comments made by a resident has been taken into account by the council when it made the decision. It’s appalling that the council can just ignore our views.

“We boarder an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it will be completely visible from the Wolds. The view of the whole village is that the location is not at all suitable.”

Residents are concerned Wold View Fisheries’ plans for the site will cause noise pollution, light pollution and it will eventually turn into a big holiday resort. They also fear the site’s single track access road will not be able to cope with the increase in traffic.

Janet said: “The strength of feeling in the village is huge. Before we know there’ll be more applications and we might as well not have an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s not being protected at all, it’s being ruined.”

Wold View Fisheries manager Terry Jackson said he would not let villagers’ objections get in the way of his plans for the site.

Mr Jackson, who says he has planted 17,000 trees at the site, said: “Residents can’t see the place from where they live and it’s not as though we want 100 log cabins.”

In response to residents’ concerns about the access road, Mr Jackson said: “When farmers have big deliveries they don’t moan about that and a lot of tractors use the road.”

A supporting statement in Wold View Fisheries’ planning application said the site would offer self-catering accommodation mainly for the fishermen and their families but also for the “wider tourism market”.

West Lindsey’s development management team leader Simon Sharp said: “A careful balance had to be made between preserving the special qualities of the countryside in and around the Wolds and the bringing of much needed inward investment into the area through tourism.

“Such considerations had been made by councillors at the committee and they had taken specific note of the design and siting of the cabins as well as the existing landscaping.”