End Coalition to save Tories says Market Rasen’s MP Edward Leigh

Edward Leigh EMN-140526-102046001
Edward Leigh EMN-140526-102046001

Market Rasen’s Tory MP Sir Edward Leigh has today demanded an end to the Coalition and a return to conservatism as his party trailed behind UKIP and Labour in the European elections.

As UKIP won the East Midlands region as well as nationally, Sir Edward also set out a right-wing personal manifesto of policies on the Conservative Home website.

The MP declared the results a “wake up call” saying: “Enough is enough. Isn’t it obvious that the whole ‘modernisation’ agenda has been a disaster.”

“Our base has been tested to destruction. All this self-hate about allegedly “nasty party” views has nearly destroyed the voluntary party, and left people wondering what we stand for. It’s also clear it’s time to end the coalition in order to start rebuilding our base,” he continued.

Rather than try and be liked, the Conservatives were elected under Margaret Thatcher and other leaders on “trust” with the economy, a strategy the party had today, but the message was getting lost through “all the other guff” concerning same sex marriage, HS2 and wind turbines.

Sir Edward also posted a personal manifesto of lower and simpler taxes, expansion of grammar schools, education vouchers, stopping HS2 and spending the money on commuter and rural railway lines.

He also called for social insurance to replace the NHS, which he branded the “last bastion of socialist planning,” saying such a policy had delivered better results in health in France, Sweden and Germany.

The Conservatives should “end the decline” in defence spending, cut the foreign aid budget, “apologise” to activists over gay marriage, and instead of windmills, the country should “go for fracking, when local agree.”

The Human Rights Act should also be repealed and the European Court of Human Rights should be “subject to the supremacy” of Westminster.

Sir Edward also branded immigration “ a farce” and said government should “take on” the pro-immigration business and the higher education sector and only “let in people we want and need.”

The Eurosceptic MP said he was happy to stay in the European Union to stop the “fear factor” over leaving if it was a “customs union and little else.”

Britain also needed to “cut out the politically correct posturing of the liberal viewpoint of society.”

Turning back to the Coalition government, the MP said the damage the Coalition was doing to the Liberal Democrats was helping Labour.

“Let them (Lib-Dems) do their thing and let us do our thing, Conservative things. Let’s start rebuilding our base and our support. It’s time to cut both partners free,” he continued.

The Conservatives also needed to “talk the language of people,” noting Labour was making headway with talk on housing and ‘generation rent.’ The MP called for an end to the ‘Help-to-Buy scheme, and instead have government help housing associations fund tens of thousands of flats and small houses with shared equity schemes.

“Keep it Conservative, keep it simple, and help people get on. None of this is “modernising,” Sir Edward concluded.

However , reaction was mixed at the website aimed at party activists and political junkies.

While many agreed a return to traditional ‘Thatcherite’ values was what Britain needed, others said such a right-wing agenda would cost the Conservatives support, with one likening its radicalism to Labour’s 1983 election manifesto which was branded the ‘longest suicide note in history.

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