Emergency plan all set to role in Brigg

Brigg’s Emergency Plan is in place and local residents are being urged to obtain a copy and to be aware of their response should an emergency occur locally.

The plan is set up to deal with a whole range of possible emergencies - flood risk, snow, war or civil strife, a plane crash or other major accident - and will be activated when at least three members of the Brigg Town Council Community Emergency Team consider it necessary to take action in response to an incident.

Residents will be warned of dangers and should be aware of emergency accommodation centres - local halls will be opened and vulnerable members of the community identified.

The Angel Suite will be the focal point for co-ordinating the emergency or if that is not practicable if, for example it is flooded, St John’s Church Hall will be the alternative location.

Copies of the Emergency Plan are available from the Town Clerk’s Office in The Angel Suite on Thursday mornings or online at www.briggmarkettown.co.uk