ELECTION: The West Lindsey District Council candidates that want your vote - #GE2015

General Election 2015 ANL-151004-145625001
General Election 2015 ANL-151004-145625001

Whatever you do today, Thursday May 7, make sure you use your right to vote in the West Lindsey District Council elections

In the Rasen Mail’s’ area the following candidates will 
contest the following seats:

Caistor and Yarborough: Two seats

Owen Bierley, Maple Avenue, Keelby - Conservative

Alan Caine of Horsemarket, Caistor - Independent.

John Indian of Eastfield Road, Keelby - Labour

Oliver Jackson of Horse Market, Caistor - Labour

Angela Lawrence of Whitegate Hill, Caistor - Conservative

Nigel Wright of Caistor Road, Osgodby - UKIP

Dunholme & Welton: three seats

Stephen Bunney of Linwood Road, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Steve England of Prebend Lane, Welton - Conservative

Malcolm Parish of Cliff Road, Welton - Conservative

Di Rodgers of Eastfield Lane, Welton - Independent

Anjum Sawhney of Market Rasen Road, Dunholme - Conservative

Julie Taylor of Chapman Street, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Hemswell: One Seat

Geoffrey Armitage of Vanessa Drive, Gainsborough - Labour

Paul Howitt-Cowan of Kenmare Crescent, Gainsborough - Conservative

Cymthia Isherwood of Campbell Street, Gainsborough - Lib Dem

Tony Wells of Shaftesbury Avenue Lincoln - UKIP

Kelsey : One seat

Michael Ranby of Top Road, Osgodby - UKIP

Lewis Strange of Church Side, Grasby - Conservative

Neil Taylor of Chapman Street, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Janet Tierney of Main Street, Bigby - Labour

Market Rasen Ward: Three seats

Ken Bridger of Willigham Road, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Guy Grainger of King Street, Market Rasen - Lub Dem

Hugo Marfleet of Kingsway, Tealby - Conservative

John McNeill of Velden Way, Market Rasen - Conservative

Ian Sharp of Main Road, Legsby - Labour

Thomas Smith of Lissington Road, Linwood - Conservative

Howard Thompson of St Mary’s Lane, Claxby - UKIP

Elizabeth Webster of Main Road, Legsby - Labour

Elaine Whitfield of The Ridings, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Geoff Wiseman of Sunningdale Way, Gainsborough - Independent

Waddingham & Spital: One seat -

Jeff Summers of Church Lane, Glentham - Conservative

John Whitfield of The Ridings, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Wold View: One seat

Mary Dunton of Rasen Road, Tealby - Labour

Geoffrey Morris of Dear Street, Market Rasen - Lib Dem

Tom Regis of Howsham - Conservative.

Wragby: One seat

Philip Grimes of Honeysuckle Lane, Wragby - Independent

Nick Guyatt of Ranby - Conservative