Election debate over appointment of new town clerk

Brigg news EMN-150104-122652001
Brigg news EMN-150104-122652001

Whether or not to appoint a new clerk prior to the May election was on the agenda for Brigg Town Council at its monthly meeting.

Coun Rob Waltham wished clerk Jeanette Woollard a long and happy retirement before commenting.

“There may be a very different Town Council after May 7,” he said. “It is right that we keep the job appointment until after that date. The assistant clerk can fill in.”

Coun Mike Campion replied: “I am surprised it has become an issue, perhaps a political one! It seems to me quite sensible to press ahead and appoint a clerk..... also the new clerk would benefit from working alongside the present clerk for a couple of weeks.”

Mrs Woollard said a resolution a year ago meant the council already had a view. “To leave the post unfilled means the council has taken the decision to put the Deputy Clerk under pressure with an extra 27 hours per week,” she said.

It was resolved to appoint a clerk as soon as possible.