Don’t turn a deaf ear to your hearing problems

Action on hearing loss at westminster
Action on hearing loss at westminster

LISTEN UP – Brigg MP Andrew Percy has joined television and radio presenter Anne Diamond in backing a campaign by Action on Hearing Loss which urges the town’s residents to get their hearing checked.

The pair celebrated Action on Hearing Loss’s 100th birthday in Parliament and lent their support to the charity’s campaign to encourage people in the UK to take their hearing check by visiting or calling: 0844 800 3838.

In its new report, Hearing Matters, is a warning there are four million people living in the UK with an unaddressed hearing loss.

Andrew Percy MP said: “I’m delighted to join Anne Diamond in supporting Action on Hearing Loss’s call urging people in our area who are struggling to hear their friends, family or colleagues to act now, get their hearing checked and avoid the unnecessary negative impacts of unaddressed hearing loss in their everyday lives.”

It takes, on average, 10 years for people to take action from when they start to notice a problem, and unaddressed hearing loss can lead to depression, social isolation, or an early departure from the workforce.

Only one in three people who could benefit from hearing aids is currently using them.

Jackie Ballard, chief executive at Action on Hearing Loss, said: “It’s important that people in North Lincolnshire take action quickly if they recognise they are having difficulty hearing so that they can get the maximum benefit from hearing aids and be less likely to finish their careers prematurely or experience unnecessary isolation, which can lead to depression.”